Why Buy Local

Shopping local has so many benefits to not only you but your community as well. When buying, and eating locally produced foods and products you are contributing back to the community and supporting local farmers and businesses.

Shopping locally and eating locally grown food means you money is staying in your community and will be reinvested into your community as the local business will support other local businesses to run their establishments.

Buying local is better for the environment as it means that there is little transportation required to bring the product to the store shelves reducing greenhouse gas emissions and packaging required to transport. As well local farmer use less chemicals and pesticide to grow their food as they are growing organic foods.

Local food is healthier for you, it is fresh and tastes better as it is picked when it is ripe and since there is little travel to get it to the store shelves it retains its nutrients and tastes better.

Shopping at local farmers market or store is the trendy thing to do, it keeps communities connected and thriving.