Toronto Eco-Roof Incentive Program

 Did you know that if you install an eco-roof you may be eligible for a grant if you meet all the requirements?  You must submit your application before work starts by using the online Application form.  For Green roof projects, you will receive $100 per m2 and for a Cool roof project you will receive $2 per m2.

As of 2017 you, not only will you receive $100 per m2 for a green roof but there is also a Structural Assessment Grant offered as well as New Construction projects offered by not-for-profit eligible corporations.  For Cool roofs, partial roof retrofits are now eligible as well as Cool roofs on new buildings (GFA less than 2000 m2). To read more on the eligibility, click here.

An eco-roof is a green roof that supports vegetation or a cool roof that reflects the sun’s thermal energy.

A green roof, which is a roof that supports vegetation is made up of:

  • Waterproofing membrane
  • A drainage layer
  • Organic growing medium soil
  • And vegetation.

A cool roof is a system with and exterior surface which has:

  • High “solar reflectivity” that will reflect the sun’s rays
  • “Thermal emissivity” which reduces the heat build-up from the sun’s thermal energy.

It can be from a coating applied over an existing roof system or a new single-ply waterproofing membrane.

Some good reasons to install an eco-roof, besides the incentives offered are: you will save energy, reduce urban heat, capture stormwater, improve air quality and create habitat.