The Toronto 2030 District

If you live in Toronto you may have heard about The Toronto 2030 District buy you might no know what is means.

The Toronto 2030 district website states this is s a collaborative, nationally recognized, but local community of high performance buildings in downtown Toronto that aims to dramatically reduce energy and water consumption and reduce emissions from transportation all while increasing competitiveness in the business environment and owners’ returns on investments.

The Toronto 2030 Core District activates include:

Establishing aggregated energy, water, and transportation baselines for the district

Working with local stakeholders to align protocols for the collection of dissemination of building performance data to empowered informed analysis and decision making on the part of building owners conservation, organizations, and policy makers.

Improving accessibility for building owners and managers.

Working to increase effectiveness of participation in building performance improvement programs.

Promoting Toronto’s achievements in energy, water and GHG reduction within the district.

Sharing the experiences of Toronto with other jurisdictions to support broader market transformation of the built environment.

It is a joint effort of many groups working together toward a common long-term goal. Their focus is on improving the effectiveness of conservation through better data, collaboration, and industry leadership.

The districts approach recognizes that every property is unique, and that each property owners or management may contribute to the overall goals in its own unique way. They in invite business, partners, participates, and stakeholders to join and get involved. Visit the 2030 districts website to fill out the forms to become a member.