The City of Toronto wants to make Toronto the most sustainable city in North America and they are working towards this by working together with residents and businesses by implementing goals, programs, and plans of action. Some of these include:

Climate and Energy GoalsThe city has set a goal to reduce the cities green house gas emissions buy 80% by 2050 as well the City of Toronto is working towards increasing the generation of more renewable energy to ensure that there is a clean, reliable, affordable energy supply available to the City.

Programs for Business and Non-profitsThe City of Toronto has several grants and incentives as well as programs set in in place to help and encourage businesses and non-profits to reduce their energy use and costs and become more environmentally friendly. To learn more about what these are follow the link to

Programs for Residents – There are many grants, programs, and incentives available for residents to help green you home, neighborhood and life. Follow the link to to learn more about what these are and how you can make a difference.

Greening City OperationsThe City of Toronto is making changes in its own operations to reduce its carbon footprint and operating costs.

If you would like to read and learn more about the city’s plan and see reports, plans, policies and research that are making Toronto a more sustainable, greener city click here.

It takes a joint effort by everyone to protect our planet and make the city the most sustainable city in North America. Let’s all take steps to do our part.