Fresh, Local Produce

Shopping at your local Farmer’s Markets gives you the opportunity to support local Farmer’s in your community.  It is a place where you can shop for fresh fruits and veggies grown right here in you community, as well you are able to talk to the farmer’s who grow your food and ask questions about how it was grown or when it was picked.

Farmers will pick the fruit when it is ripe and ready to eat and brings it to the market, in most cases it is picked the day of or the day before the market, talk about fresh.

Most farmer’s markets are often set up throughout the week at set locations throughout the city, they will often offer live, local entertainment and have a variety of local products for you to stock up on such as, fresh produce, baked goods, local artisans selling products, organic meat, dairy, fresh cut flowers, honey, plants for your garden, and speciality foods.

They are great ways to be involved in your community, get to know your neighbors and local business owners, and keep your money local. Some markets are seasonal, running usually May through to October and some will run year-round.

For a list of Farmer’s Markets in your neighborhood or to sign up to be a vendor at a Market go to Toronto Farmer’s Market Network website. They have provided information, links to producers and a list of markets for you to visit in your area.