Downsview Park Merchants Market

Downsview Park Merchants Market is rated Toronto’s best market, it is open every Saturday and Sunday from 10am to 6pm.

Downsview Market is a combination of a flea market with endless shopping, international food court, and a farmer’s market all under one roof. There are over 500 venders who offer unique merchandise from local products to products from around the world.

The Farmer’s Markets is approximately 10,000 square feet of local farmers selling only the freshest and local fruits and vegetables. Stop buy and talk to your local farmers about he food you are purchasing and support local businesses.

The Market offers shopping venues that sell electronics, home furnishings, clothing, health and beauty products, jewelry, automotive accessories, household products, antiques, collectables and so much more.

The international food court offers a wide variety of diverse foods from around the work such as Chinese, Mediterranean, Peruvian, Mexican, Italian, Indian, Canadian cousins and much more.

Downsview market is owned by a local family and has been open since 2005. With the support of the community and the local vendors this has grown into one of the largest markets in Toronto. Its space is located in the heart of Downsview Park and is a 162,000 sq. ft. indoor facility that even offers a kids zone.

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